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   Just a reduction in speed of 15% to 3,000 rpm (see line 2 of the chart) drops energy usage rate by over 40%. Even if you are not a tree-hugger trying to save the planet, the energy savings make a variable speed pump a worthwhile investment. In homes with a pool, the pool pump is often the largest electricity-guzzling appliance, and savings of 50% to 75% are typical. Payback of the initial additional cost compared to a single speed pump happens within two years or less.

   Also, because a variable speed pump is programmable, when you need more flow for a water feature, cleaner sweep or pool heater, it can be ramped up to fit the demand.

While we hope you find this series of articles about home inspection helpful, they should not be considered an alternative to an actual home inspection by a local inspector. Also, construction standards vary in different parts of the country and it is possible that important issues related to your area may not be covered here.
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