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Radon Testing


in Metro Gainesville

48-hour test, results same
day of test completion



when done at same
time as  home inspection

      The two primary ways to reduce the radon level are: 1) to seal openings in the floor where radon is entering, and 2) create a system that uses negative-pressure (low-level suction) to draw the radon to a pipe under the floor slab--before it can enter the house--and vent it out above the roof. Most contractors use a combination of both techniques, and each vent pipe is placed in an unobtrusive location, like the corner of a closet.

    Radon mitigation typically costs between $2,500 and $5,000, with the variables determining cost being square footage of home, shape of the footprint of the home, and how high the starting radon reading is. Sometimes a contractor is unable to bring the radon below the level of 4.0 pico-curies per liter of air level that the EPA considers acceptable with their initial work, and they have to come back and do more. So it’s a good idea to get a price from the contractor that guarantees that, for the agreed price, they will bring the level below 4.0 without additional charge.

   Not sure whether testing for radon is worth the cost? Read our blog post “How can not testing for radon be an expensive mistake for homebuyers?” before you decide.

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